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Pitti Uomo is an international fashion event for gentlemen. It takes place in beautiful Florence, the capital of Toscana region in Italy. The event has it all – the good old and the new upcoming brands, creative projects and collaborations, catwalks, after-show-time events. It’s The Event when it comes down to menswear.

Pitti Uomo is like an Italian gentleman – sharp in style, good mannered, hot natured and welcoming. An Italian who welcomes warmly all his local and international friends, guests and also the new faces. And if talking international friends, we picked out some to look definitely out for:


Merz b. Schwanen is a unique find from Germany. A brand that is managed by a lovely couple – Peter and Gitta Plotnicki. Peter, who is also a dedicated vintage fashion collector, is pure in his approach and Gitta is always simply into high quality. Brand’s uncompromising products are the perfect examples of the “old way of crafting clothes”. Being driven by the passion for traditional fabrication processes, they produce all their garments in Swabian Mountains on the authentic German loopwheelers origin back to 1920’s-1960’s. All pieces are modified for modern wear, some being inspired by vintage work wear and army pieces, some being more contemporary. Cotton fabrics, buttons, labels, hangtags, and even the packaging are all German-made. And one can also find in their new collection rare Spoerry certificate cotton items. Sharing is caring and it’s the high-quality goods that they share.


If detecting the power-couple brands, then we were blown away by the refreshing Nordic breeze that entered the room with Hansen Garments brand. People behind the brand are Aase and Per. Hansen is a Scandinavian brand that values Nordic craftsmanship and the idea of effortless confidence. In response to fast trends and throwaway pieces, they create thoughtful garments meant to last, using quality textiles that age with rugged grace. While talking products, Per is excited about his two-sided pants, which by wearing and aging will reveal their other indigo side. Pure in style and color, Hansen garments are easy to mix and wear. The brand embodies simple, honest and democratic designs for everyday life.



What’s the life and style without the practical accessories, right? A brand that grabs us with their aesthetics and functionality is called Mahiout. Items that are created and crafted to provide a lifetime of use and satisfaction. Mahiout leather bags and accessories are crafted in traditional workshops, with carefully selected materials like premium vegetable tanned leather, military grade cotton and solid brass fittings, crafted with passion and attention for quality and details. This Norwegian brand is managed by an amazing, soon-to-be mom of the two – Linda Mahiout. We meet her together with her husband and charming son Leon at the show. Young gentlemen speaks already four languages – French, English, Polish and Norwegian. And we all predict him a very bright future. They are strong and always together. It is not just a power couple thing you see there, it’s a family affair and the dignity behind it all.



If the third day of the show is usually quiet, then there’s a booth full of people, laughs and good-looking men. There are the Brits and the Americans discussing business and we’re welcomed to the Private White booth, a room full of British humor, charm and quality products constructed by hand in Manchester. Using only regionally sourced fabrics, trims and materials, the items are based on classic wartime pieces, being updated with added functionality and detail for the modern man. Private White V.C. brand pays homage to its namesake WWI hero Private Jack White. Brand’s creative director, people’s watcher and as we hear and see – a voguing enthusiast Nick Ashley is full of surprises. His designs are influenced by Private Jack White’s wardrobe and classic military garments, as well as his passion for motorcycle and car racing. So, gentlemen, you should pay a proper attention towards this up-and-ruling brand.



Last but not least – Mr Allistair Croots, the king of the best gentlemen bags and a music guru. Mr Croots is hip without mentioning, guys show respect towards him and all love his products – from the businessmen to the members of the British Royal family. Croots style is very much of the English Heritage life, being a family business established in 1978 by Jackie Croots parents. Brand uses only the best natural materials like English Bridle leathers, heavy waxed canvas and Swiss made zips. Their new Vintage canvas range of bags is a perfect example of the company’s values and direction. Croots is a must-have – functional, high quality British classics with signature red linings and zips.


Pitti Uomo is an experience of inspiration.
This year’s show main theme was all about the color, and the area was full of people, color-conscious gentlemen and other clearly vivid personalities. We enjoyed our stay in Florence to the fullest, hope you did too.


Written by Julia Ahtijainen
Photography by Anny CK
Published in FSHM magazine